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Lab created opal engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding sets by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

Lab opal ring with alexandrite in sterling silver by Hileman.

Lab Created Opal Jewelry & Rings

Lab created opal jewelry offers all the brilliant colors and fire of Australian opal at a much more affordable price.  Our lab created opal rings, pendants and earrings are handcrafted using top quality laboratory grown opal.  Lab created opal is virtually the same chemical composition as natural opal with one exception.  Natural opal contains a small amount of water and lab created opal does not.  In laboratory grown opal the water is replaced with a resin that gives lab opal more strength, durability and stability than natural opal.  Our lab opal jewelry is available in many colors and patterns and is often accented by colorful gems such as sapphires, topaz, amethyst and others.  We have many lab opal jewelry designs including rings, wedding rings, engagement rings and wedding sets.  All of our lab opal designs are available in sterling silver, Continuum silver and 14 karat gold (white and yellow) and are handmade in our Phoenix, Arizona jewelry studio by Mark and John Hileman.

Our lab opal engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding sets are a practical and affordable alternative to genuine Australian opal without compromising on color, flash and fire.  We take great care when creating our lab opal rings and jewelry to cut and arrange the opal to minimize the undesirable uniform look often seen with cheap lab opal jewelry.  Our extra effort makes for a more random fire and color flash that mimics that of the best Australian opal.  Our lab opal engagement rings and wedding rings can be customized by choosing different colors of lab grown opal or substituting other gemstones for the center stone shown in the engagement ring.  Some changes may be upgrades so contact us with your ideas and we will give you a price quote for your customizations.

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Turquoise engagement ring with a sparkling Moissanite set in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.