Fossilized dinosaur bone has been around for millions of years but creating jewelry from the colorful bone has only become popular in the last few years.  The dinosaurs roamed the Earth for around 120 million years and became extinct about 70 million years ago.  The fossilization of dinosaur bones occurs when the organism dies and is quickly covered by sediment, mud, lava or ash and the remains are preserved in an oxygen free environment until petrification can begin.  In rare cases the organic bone material is replaced with agate (quartz) when ground water percolates through the remains of the dinosaur and deposits minerals in the cavities down to the cellular level.  Agatized bone is a rare form of fossilized dinosaur bone with most of the bone found in earthtones and grays.  It is estimated that only 5% of all agatized bone discovered is brightly colored reds, yellows, oranges, greens, blues and whites.  Top quality dinosaur bone jewelry is made from the best quality agatized dinosaur bone also known as "gembone".

Mark Hileman with dinosaur bone rough

What could be more unique than having a handmade dinosaur bone wedding ring or engagement ring inlaid with fossilized bone that is millions of years old?  Hileman Silver Jewelry has a great selection of  dinosaur bone wedding rings, engagement rings and wedding sets in sterling silver, 14 karat gold, stainless steel and platinum.  All of our dinosaur bone engagement rings are customizable so if the rings are shown in gray bone and you prefer red, we would be happy to switch the dinosaur bone color for you.  The same is true for the dinosaur bone wedding rings.  If you would like to switch the  bone color or the center stone in the engagement ring we would be happy to work with you to create your ideal ring.  Some changes may be upgrades so contact us for a quote.  Dinosaur bone color options available are grays, reds, earth tones, white, and pinks with various webbing patterns.  All of our fossilized bone is sourced from reputable dealers and was collected from the Four Corners area of the southwest United States.  

​A dinosaur bone pendant or earrings would be the perfect gift to complement her dinosaur bone wedding ring or start her dinosaur bone jewelry collection.  We offer pendants in a wide range of prices and dinosaur bone color options.  Our dinosaur pendants are available in sterling silver with upgrade options for gold, stainless steel and platinum.  We have bone earrings and bracelets available as well to complete her dinosaur bone jewelry set.  If you don't see the earring, pendant or bracelet design you like shown in dinosaur bone, ask us about inlaying the design with your favorite bone color.  We can also make a matching set with the dino bone color or colors of your choice. 

Dinosaur Bone Rings

Nice piece of red dinosaur bone rough.

Dinosaur bone bridal set  with white sapphire center stone in the engagement ring and matching dino bone in the band.

Hileman Silver Jewelry offers dinosaur bone jewelry featuring inlaid dinosaur bone in a variety of colors and patterns.  Our fossilized bone jewelry provides our customers the opportunity to own a unique piece of the Earth's history that has been transformed into a miniature handmade work of art.  The fossilized dinosaur bone in our jewelry comes from the Morrison Formation in the Four Corners area of the southwest United States.  All of our dinosaur bone rings are handmade by the Hileman family in our jewelry studio located in Phoenix, Arizona.  We offer dinosaur bone rings, wedding rings and bridal sets, bone pendants, earrings and bracelets in sterling silver, stainless steel, gold and platinum.  Dinosaur bone color options include reds, blue, pinks, tans and several gray tones.  All of our jewelry designs may be customized with the bone color of your choice.  

Dinosaur bone pendant by Hileman

Our dinosaur bone rings for men and women are our most popular choice for our customers.  Bone color choices for our dinosaur rings range from darker tones like dark and light grays, tans and earth tones to more intense reds.  The body color is almost always broken up by dark veining with the pattern varying from piece to piece.  This variation makes every dinosaur bone ring a one of a kind work of art because no two pieces of fossilized dinosaur bone are exactly alike.  The dinosaur ring inlay is sometimes accented by other colorful inlay stones or faceted gemstones such as sapphires, Moissanite or diamonds.  All of our dinosaur rings are available in sterling silver with metal upgrade options including Continuum silver, 14 karat gold, stainless steel and platinum available for an additional charge.  Your bone ring will be made to order in your specific ring size in 3 to 6 weeks so please order early to give us plenty of time to create your new ring.  

Dinosaur bone rough for dinosaur bone jewelry
Dinosaur bone engagement ring and wedding ring bridal set.

What Is Fossilized Dinosaur Bone Jewelry?

Mark with dinosaur bone rough and slabs.

Dinosaur bone jewelry by Hileman Silver Jewelry features fossilized dinosaur bone in a variety of colors.

Dinosaur Bone Jewelry

Dinosaur Bone Pendants, Earrings and Bracelets

​​​​​​Dinosaur Bone Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

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