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Our lab created opal rings are different.  We go the extra mile to make the laboratory grown opal in our rings look as much like natural Australian opal as possible.  This involves strategic cutting to capture the opal's more random fire and flashes in one specific area and discarding the more uniform pieces.  All of this means more opal cost and effort, but in the end the final product is something special.   We have worked with natural Australian opal for over 30 years and that experience is a huge advantage when cutting laboratory created opal and creating stunning lab opal rings.  We use only top quality lab opal and our craftsmanship is second to none.   You will immediately see and feel a difference in our lab opal jewelry versus others.  From our heavy weight mountings and precision fit inlay to the spectacular fire and colors of the masterfully cut opal - the difference is clear.  We are proud to offer lab created opal as an alternative to natural opal that is both more affordable and more durable without sacrificing any of the beauty and fire.  A  Hileman lab opal ring is the perfect combination of beauty and budget.

Turquoise Engagement Ring with Topaz

Who would have ever thought that dinosaur bone could be used to create such beautiful jewelry or that it could be found in so many colors?  We have been fascinated with dinosaur bone since cutting our first piece years ago and it's no wonder so many of our customers share the same fascination for dinosaurs and our dinosaur bone rings.  How cool is it to be able to wear a ring inlaid with fossilized dinosaur bone that is 150 million years old!  Agatized dinosaur bone is both rare and beautiful with only a small percentage of bones completing the process to become a highly agatized dinosaur fossil.  Top quality fossilized bone can be found in a wide range of colors but the most popular colors used for jewelry are blue, red and gray.  We take a different approach with our inlay technique for our dinosaur bone ring designs than some jewelers.  We prefer to inlay the bone in individual sections across the top of the band rather than one continuous piece going all the way around the ring.  This allows for some size adjustment and simple replacement of just one section of the dinosaur bone should it be become damaged.  Our dinosaur bone rings make great wedding bands and we would be happy to make you and your partner a matching wedding set.  We have many  styles available with accent gemstones such as diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires, moissanite and other colorful gems.  If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, our exotic dinosaur bone engagement rings are a perfect choice for someone looking for something more exciting than a gold and diamond engagement ring.  We have dinosaur engagement rings for every budget in sterling silver, white or yellow gold, and platinum.  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect custom wedding band or engagement ring in any color dinosaur bone if you don't see exactly what you are looking for in our listed stock items.

Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring Set and Matching Pendant

Turquoise Wedding Ring Set

We are always busy creating new  jewelry.  Check back often to see our latest handmade jewelry designs featuring dinosaur bone bands, turquoise wedding rings and lab created opal jewelry in silver and gold.

​​​​​Turquoise is one of the world's oldest known gemstones with its use dating back to 3,000 years ago when Chinese artisans first began carving it.   Ancient Egyptian pharaohs and rulers adorned themselves with turquoise jewelry and used it in their elaborate burial masks.  If you have ever toured the Southwest United States, you have probably seen plenty of Native American turquoise rings and jewelry and are familiar with the beautiful blue and green colors of turquoise.  Our turquoise  engagement rings and wedding rings are inlaid with top quality turquoise from mines across the Southwest and some turquoise mines in China.  Some of our customers are fans of spiderweb turquoise and its random patterns of veining while others prefer plain blue or green for their turquoise wedding bands.   One of our most popular turquoise wedding ring styles combines both the spiderweb type and plain blue for a very unique look.  We also offer a variety of center gemstones for your engagement ring including Moissanite, sapphire, topaz and diamonds.  All of our inlaid turquoise engagement rings have matching wedding bands available if you would like to have a matching bridal set.  Men's wedding bands are available with turquoise inlay to match the women's wedding bands.  

Ring with White Sapphires and Dinosaur Bone

Moissanite and turquoise engagement ring in 14k yellow gold by Hileman Silver Jewelry.

Lab Opal Engagement Ring

Men's Blue Dinosaur Bone Band

Lab Created Opal Ring with Trillion Topaz

Lab Created Opal Rings

Our name says "Hileman Silver Jewelry" but we also work in gold, stainless steel and platinum.  All of the stunning dinosaur bone rings, turquoise engagement rings and colorful inlay jewelry designs you see in sterling silver can also be created in gold or platinum.  Due to the volatility in the price of precious metals like gold and platinum you will need to contact us with your ring size for a price quote to upgrade to these metals.  We offer white gold, yellow gold and rose gold in 14 karat.  Most of our designs can also be made in 316L stainless steel as well.  Some designs may not be available in stainless steel if the center gemstone selected  is not hard enough to handle the increased pressure of setting in stainless steel.  Contact us with any questions about upgrading your metal choice today!

Dinosaur Bone Rings - Bold and Unique!

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Dinosaur bone ring in sterling silver by Hileman.
Dinosaur bone rings and wedding rings in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.
Lab opal ring with amethyst in sterling silver by Hileman.
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Mark Hileman has been creating unique handmade jewelry since 1974.  His bold inlay jewelry designs are a blending of his diverse artistic background in architectural design, sculpting and painting.  Mark's jewelry is recognized for its precision inlay and top quality inlay materials such as Australian opal, turquoise, dinosaur bone and sugilite.  We are always searching for exciting new stones and design ideas to introduce to our customers.  Our most recent discovery is fossilized dinosaur bone.  Our rings and wedding bands inlaid with dinosaur bone have quickly become a customer favorite followed closely in popularity by our turquoise engagement rings and wedding sets.

Our handcrafted sterling silver jewelry is masterfully inlaid with unique and unusual materials such as fossilized dinosaur bone, spiderweb turquoise and lab created opal.  Our bold inlaid wedding ring sets offer our customers the opportunity to wear an affordable handcrafted made-to-order ring as a symbol of their love.  All of our dinosaur bone rings, turquoise engagement rings and lab opal jewelry designs are handmade by the Hileman family in our Arizona jewelry studio.  Our sterling silver collection is not sold in stores and is only available online. Check out our exquisite collection of Australian opal jewelry set in 14 karat gold that is available in jewelry stores and galleries across the US as well as online.

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Kingman spiderweb turquoise wedding ring set in sterling silver

Hileman Silver Jewelry specializes in dinosaur bone rings, turquoise engagement rings, turquoise wedding bands, and lab created opal rings in sterling silver.  If you are looking for quality handcrafted jewelry that sets you apart from the crowd, you have come to the right place.  Our bold inlay jewelry designs feature unique materials such as fossilized dinosaur bone, turquoise and lab created opal accented by colorful gemstones set in sterling silver, 316L stainless steel and 14 karat gold.  All of our jewelry designs may be customized to your taste by substituting other inlay materials and gemstones for the ones shown.  Our rings are made to order in your size in 4 to 6  weeks.

Inlay Jewelry in Gold, Platinum and Stainless Steel


Dinosaur Bone Wedding Ring

​​​Dinosaur Bone Rings, Turquoise Engagement Rings and Lab Opal Jewelry by Hileman Silver Jewelry

Turquoise Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

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Video: Turquoise Engagement Ring with Moissanite

Turquoise engagement ring with a sparkling Moissanite set in sterling silver by Hileman Silver Jewelry.